Tuesday, November 07, 2006

andrew topel & jim leftwich

if the factor of tree to kitten is to ask mask soap as red
the English of made in shade to ask for the English retroactive tomb
to fuse the mice to body to the spatula to the labyrinth

if the face kitten tone to bone to stone to crumble tracks of the octopus

if the glare hexagon of the threat sheets to small eggs erratic crust
if the noose your without in tomb of the last exit
if the glare text lose small next to the comb enough basket bread to sponge,

complaint of the abuses
neck leave English risk puzzle,
the spector magnet confidence zones
the facility text languished always unread
frees mitten enticed entrance to thumb elk bitten account
terror sponges goose plays poem mountainous saint

the risk of the comb confuses the disfigure
the dead speck gone deactivate written bombs
first etruscan teen undead therefore three following madnesses drone

if the distresses propose holy sweepings
if language refracted column the Greek mask poem
if the always intentional language germ-poem of time and of the curls
if the always intentional weeping poem dubbing international madnesses
if the mould prays international distraction
if the Roman crime roams confuses timeless madness

in three there is weeping
in bombs the holy is timeless
in distraction germs mask terror
in language your thumb is a drone
in weeping you risk being deactivated
in dubbing you entice all of the english abuses
in madness the Romans would pray for language lungs
in intentional columns the goose plays the crumbling exit

- to exist in the text