Thursday, October 19, 2006

andrew topel, jim leftwich & jukka-pekka kervinen

from 64 arcological variations

1- arcology of awareness

all snow. dissuade flocks parakeet smog flocks
gimcrack twelfth that bridge on the opening
on osiris. of are class awareness grasshoppers
class involvement in the artists in the
spot taken so sparing ht of rig
ht of rig ht to tort ure
to tort ure plan saturday night. please
please night. plan saturday slip-up please ))soulfull
liminal greek deodorant flock?? only herbal flock??
not pork queue not in the moon
in sapsucker pi sp noo sphere spackle
giraffe pleat. overdid rats of the foundation
polluter forked howls the up by ad
min by ad pear and teal-sheen middling
our.. sspeak hh barometer aan wwhiff oof
aan hh our.. hurricane hh