Friday, July 21, 2006

John M. Bennett

Pig top
sp read ten t ,dim s pun ,g nat lake
you collared that ,rest respurned ,k not
lap ,yr cow faucet shallow than a com b
drill , u sage ,b linkage ,f lavor soak the
spandex lock yr ,what’s the diff  ?make it
hat corp se show leaky ,that’s the what…

drops an dips an dimes an dits an dolts an
ease an elevator an empty an eat an eviscerate an
ass an aim an awkward an ash an animation an
told an thud an tip an torpid an twisting an
half an heap an hushed an humping an hacking an
swats an seats an sells an spits an snores an

Sw eet
,clot hamper yr ,junk lid next ,pill
pewling snore the ladder lap ,cry melt
,clong an ,bit towel ,lint colder ,spray
snoring dodder song my shanty lip ,gawrsh
amitey ,mate off me ,time of crimes  .spraw
led boreway by prescription ,nekkid sugar


O o
o clock o damp o drip o fuel o spore
o door o jewel o lip o camp o sock
o melt o grime o slug o snore o junk
o bunk o sore o bugs o time o felt
o mine o cramp o jump o heap o blast
o last o seep o hump o damp o crime

Too ls
rake an fork ,dang ring ,plunge roof ,crime
salads ,fence yr peeling ,lunge habit ,fire
pencil ,armpit full of grease ,the leg hopped
out ,spoon skull ,deck sugar ,plap knocked
yr phoning off ,each and each and each an
driody grinning on the sodden pages ,spoon an shovel

the mat the tress the mat the tress the mat the
chest the mat the slop stab bundled in the
mat the crest muddied with yr soup the
slap the dress the darkened window stoma
che ladled lake yr oiled pillow luggage
grimed the tress the mat the tress the mat the trees

beef cough ,yr s tongue shoe lint a
hammock in the seep chug lake yr tam pon
maze why nabber smoke why runty index
?blab an pile ,nape an c luster fog ,peeing
in the bush the sandwich drains  .long hob of
pond you breathe ,ambling in the grease

,pop and plaid ,dense an debt ,ford an
flat ,ink an ill ,cough an cock ,sent
an sore ,cheese an chopped ,try an trounce
,blink an beet ,scum an scant ,rough an
rope ,grin an grout ,jerk an jail ,land
and load ,nod an nip ,vas an vacuum

sap a shot a soup a snore a sheet a
oil a oink a ointment a om a ow a
ass a alpha a ankle a ant a ache a
porker a plow a paint a pea a pencil a
erk a eel a even a emetic a endwar a
roll a romp a rap a rick a rump a
Lun g
s lunk shut ter c lamp slot leaking back
you stub bed yr ,f ile s nail ,long g nat
lang wedge fum bled in yr shorts pocket
“car go” heavy with a sock hump  .ergo
whistle ergo nope damp suitcase b lobbing
on the waves the window chattered ,drinking

sot damper ,chew yr blat her nost
algia combers f laking in ,the s cant
shirt clot slap ped against the w all
fondled me ,blockers ,tagged with s
tink les sorta footed like yr sawn mou
th founders sandbox splattered on the wall