Thursday, July 06, 2006

John M. Bennett

,sending ,slashing ,seeing ,snorting ,sorting
,oiling ,oinking ,ohming ,owning ,oughting
,bending ,bolting ,boiling ,bowling ,beating
,bombing ,baking ,beeting ,backing ,beefing
,eeking ,eating ,eaching ,ebbing ,elbowing
,roiling ,rolling ,rawing ,robbing ,rugging

S melt
,trouble sugar ,flock ,tense cuddle ,frag
,bubble toppled ,met ,craze simper ,tooth
,bored cloud ,time ,load nipper ,seem
,rubble nod ,bolt ,wood temper ,bark
,slab nester ,crime ,wall tweedle ,sort
,drab lugar ,sock ,dense mumble ,double

rip an gasp an run an dense an roof an
ulp an ouch an ungulate an pants an ugly an
molt an seep an much an crotch an melt an
bull an fire an beat an came an bust an
lube an squat an lid an tumble an lay an
eat an pile an end an cough an earn an

gum mud boom ,sent ,trice chewed ,yr champ
reek some ,reef temple ,loud ,dropped the K
,nocker foam ,rug bleat ,rave a ,head gun
dance ,raw yr foco ,bulb meat ,drop ,spent
the it nance ,rate yr tub melt ,lop ,drug
slapper ,tend uh ,shape node ,rock yr ,slip

Eave ho
drat the wall the perm the sped the fume the
lap uh time uh sort uh seep uh page uh
creep an drip an smote an socks an drug an
lip was rat was sunk was sot was chunk was
raw why suit why chug why debt why rant why
spin oh sop oh hum oh him oh heave oh

Drap e
sut ah shape glass nest yr him note ,was
blapped ‘n foney ,changed the look I ,did
sap flood did meat and mist  .wreathing ,lake
pore ,yr lent did ,was preyed sand ,rich
seat and cloud  .loud billed ,yr nope wrest ,did
chopping for a chair  .an leaned my hat against ,was