Friday, July 21, 2006

john m. bennett & jim leftwich


honks half the hulk heaving horns
super coda clump the pore bag
only oils the onion oven oinker
coinage flick at the long park
nab nates the nutty nest nether
neither vest putty the satan crab
krap kong the ka kwik korner
blinker even orion the boils oily
sag sore the sump soda supper
corns weaving bulk the calf monks


nor lumps nor lobs nor lead nor needle nor niche
nor boot nor sweat nor slip nor slot nor soap
nor comb nor crack nor cost nor cop nor corner
nor drop nor clump nor prison nor petal nor steel
nor peel nor pedal nor poison nor pump nor plop
nor chordal nor cope nor lost nor track nor bomb
nor sop nor sot nor sip nor set nor soot
nor niece nor fiddle nor bread nor lobes nor bumps


opt the casing was it chimping
cuffing it was fates the daft
crack the laundry was it beaning
bombing it was summer the polls
clothe the nasal was it undulating
waging it was plastic the sport
spot the lastic was it aging
thundering it was naval the sloth
pills the sumptive was it combing
beaming it was sunday the crock
waft the nates was it duffing
limping it was chasing the cops


noose luggage sapped the chomping
whistling the dewow baggage ffohc
cue luggage aged the toweling
rubbing the brain baggage flah
meat luggage formed the shadow
xerox the razor baggage knirb
brink luggage dazed the kotex
hollow the foamed baggage team
half luggage rained the tubing
bowling the raged baggage cute
choff luggage wowed the wristing
stomping the wrapped baggage noise


lop a speck a chump a spew a leap a truss a
book reap raw tongue grace sugar
name a taste a trot a sold a lung a crepe a
junk boot phone crab pink meal
seem a nom a toot a trace a lack a lake a
lime snap droop bread sister gun
a dime a lap a loop a lead a lister a gun
a dream comb trout face slack lake
a sunk a soot a drone a slab a sink a meal
a flame waste blot fold dung crepe
a hook a heap a haw a dung a face a sugar
a slop wreck clump few heap truss


uh sop slit
uh cue pill
uh foot lit
uh should ship
uh shut shit
uh shape shroud
uh loot fit
uh pool queue
uh slot sip

useless unless

useless as a ton in maps
unless in a draft as fire
useless as a tongue in sandwich
unless in a cuff as answer
useless as a beet in briefcase
unless in a vote as minnow
useless as a mote in window
unless in a treat as surface
useless as a huff in dancer
unless in a lung as bandwidth
useless as a raft in wire
unless in a fun as traps

so ap

soap and sip and sunk and shat and sop and sot
gate and dill and hiss and smile and sound and tall
oil and only and open and ornery and obvious and obviate
same and bush and tape and bash and bask and take
ache and ask and ash and ape and anus and aim
violate and virus and armory and opus and oily and toil
pall and pound and pile and piss and pill and plate
clot and cop and cat and clunk and clip and cope


gnul dance yr focus on the chapter
lip on the pumpkin yr still fork
gnis storm yr cupey on the mist
piano on the rustle yr raft rinse
taeb craw yr shoulder on the density
sister on the mumble yr sob bonk
knob slob yr rumble on the sistine
city on the boulder yr raw beat
esnir waft yr hustle on the draino
grist on the cuspid yr corm sign
krof spills yr sumppump on the pile
chatter on the sofa yr trance lung


dome paw simple off the suction
diction off the elpmid wall maof
stun heel double off the rancid
aphid off the elbuort leap nug
itch raft crumbled off the suitcase
farce tool off the delbmur deflah gist
list halfed rumbled off the loot face
suitcoat off the delbmurc taft chit
gun peel trouble off the acrid
random off the elbuod leeh nuts
foam law dimple off the duction
noitcus off the elpmis wrap emod


chopping the hand
playing the horn
beaming the form
budding the moat
ditching the clots
playing the funk
saying the dunk
switching the slots
building the throat
dreaming the storm
naying the corn
shopping the gland


born a club a sugar floor
craft a flood a mirror score
seep a junk a running blade
skunk a mist a muscle hoof
sot a sense a clubbing shirt
paste a role a rubric food
baste a mole a cubic flood
clot a scent a rubber dirt
sunk a must a music roof
sleep a bunk a sunny glade
raft a blood a motor sore
sworn a cube a trigger door

john m. bennett & jim leftwich 2006