Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tom Taylor Homages 231 - 240


We mark this term throughout,
the same, and how we see

each other, eye to eye, and now
begun to speak, yr story has

a kernel in it already, I would
lay it in your body, this spear

of long urgencies has some heat
formed along the terms are

full to speak, the firm is opened
into your body to heare some

telling out to out, and then
peal a day to speak, you

and you, my own heat
has these marks removed, &

any honest setting forth is
in this being clear about the

term, spoke to spoke, and painted.
But leave aloof to claim the

day our own, & skip the way
to some begetting, child &

child, cool, your day is, &
set, up to see, thrust, swirled.


And clear, too, in what is new
to be the same, and familiar,

thrust through claim & term, you
are, then, another eye, & seen,

but, friend, inhabit me, name to
name and pass on in to say

there is no scene, but bounded, heart
at edge & swimming, throughout,

and protected, or signed, then, at
the verge, stair, pool, into some

heat decides to play on your lines
fold at fold, and then yields

to meeting; rather than plunging
into someone, the specific person

might be seen, for uses claimed
certainly, and number one, clear,

through into seeming, or permit
to clear celebrations, and on

my time along-along-among and
eagle, the same, masked and

herded, where the lake lives, or
at the edge, it was you, and is.


We are opened, then, ahead behind,
or turned, salamander, head

and tail between her eyes, a
spot to tongue, if that's the

way, or held below the sea, some
sweeping back of arms, tressed.

yr voice would be quiet and me
my own, to pass this line and

turn the same way out, along
the line and met, your own

people, but slipped, a pear, wedge
and line, and then yielded,

perhaps, to stay the same
again, and slow slow, take

her easy, to give these cool
eyes some songs & sails and

lead them deeply into deepness
at the pool's term & turn

again, and then marked, the
desert, or secret, you might

be that, and opened, flapped
back, your lips, come on in.


Plane : flown, and throughout, to
spear limb to fork, and in

-side some grown forms, along
to speak, then at set and stir, I

hung a door, to sleep inside these
energies, then, and pool the air.

hear then how we make these airs
renew to fold aside the moon

is also termed to flow along &
term the map, mode, poem at

line & word, the flaps & pillows
drawn aside as fleshed &

marked : mountain & moon, you
are still still, and bounced at

these rooms your eyes are new
to watch my heart, or trust

a few to be themselves, motive,
your loops are charged out

and strung toward their own
parts. Blue bodies fathomed

toward steam, roped, spread
aside, opened. Body. Spear.


I imagine, then, the pleasures of
her return, rubbed myself into

her mouth, or gave it play at
evening. The old car leans on in

his driveway : loop to turn a term
is made and set. These ropes

of sense, and seen inside your
time, a place to seem to be the

same way sending, vibrating, tubed
a fleshy transmission in the

air, and scientific, out thrown
sperm of pleasure's air, a

pool of light begins the heart's
way of sending, and roofed, at

rain and song betimes this new
unhesitating thrust, claim to claim,

and you are, of course, imagining
the same, and, mountain flower,

Canada goose, television becomes
itself in gray residues of light,

but love's name is thorough, and
energy grows these seeds of life.


Time's term, aloft, pinned-out,
the wild bird flies, smaller

yet, & lower down, a man
digs in, contrary, flaps &

soars, a name, her eye tossed,
wave eye tosst, loop elapse,

her face masked by pleasure's
vacancy & perpetual re

-lease of tension, or urgency,
"present time" you called

it, or me, or us. And termed
along, and spoke, tempo of

utterance. Regard. The pool &
clime, bricks from Mexico, or

set-set, one against the other,
arched, I'd rather bow you

to, and pull my arrow in upon
in there is the flash of

light's bright beginning, set &
set, these : I saw yr face

there, lighted from within, and
made this charge resound upward.


Termed to loop, again, the land
landed, corn to your eye, and

bread, insertion and maze, told:
foreplay of the heart's mind, in

some multiplied relations, where
there is no confusion with the one,

or loop regained, rewind to spool a
thorn, you pick them up and

shuffle, foot to foot, she gave me
the chicken-foot & I told my name

story. But, squat, you might abide
in pleasure, if that is who you are,

and in these imaginings are there
overt acts, moved to prose, even,

on a day like this, or mixed, the
lines and times. Spurt these juices

daily, twice, and drink me, seed
yr tubes with light and

get your finer in, ringed, a
solitary muscle, one eye winked.

ravel-unravel, and in becoming
one act, art this story well


Moved, then, upward to tones remind.
you are, then, and holding-to

these dragons are permissive a
goal of warm terms. And embrace

them, sisters, all is worn around
the eyes, and love's gates are

warm, too, today, at cloud &
sink, who we are between

allowances, and driven skillfully
about, a delicate matter, you

two, and how to hold her
both ways again, both lose

and children scattered to
their posts and dreams. Well,

she might ride these waves
along the highway and roof

the moon, even, it is a break
-out of light, a truck low

rumbling toward love's name,
the room, and won, there,

the house decides to speak
and does, standing at the edge.


At the edge, again; she swims.
but swim around, even

into seeming porches, often
received, pooled, spent to

term. Swift or new, your
heat submits, sides new

airs resembled and thorough.
pooled, then, as light's

own signifying, line to line,
that there is a place, to

root & rest, revive the life
I made among my lessons.

dream, then, and roam
this highway home, at

fire & child returned along
and met, these types of

persons, masked by the day
or covered into being by

anything, and new, too,
begun or foamed. Line and

cone, the book is opened, a
learning of the marks & loops.


And I see, at dawn, that you
spread open, and play it up &

on, something to laugh at, this.
and here, alone, the way means

here & this, and no others,
they are they, and flown, I

saw them go along, reading a
personal dominion. Do your

daily duty. Hop this light plat
-form & slide your ropes aside.

no, nothing admits to pressure,
and the hot edge of spring

has slipped me by, at last;
no touch to images, images

do not touch, but slip away,
termed privately, at least,

and written for myself, a
meditative retirement, but

with crossed purposes, how can
I dig your ass, driving, the

way I am, downhill. Dream-
ing, anyway, that it might work.