Thursday, May 25, 2006

John M. Bennett

Elo h
rut mole you ,sp end f ile ,r each dim ly
,caul dronized , m ated like a ,p hone yr g
lue mis t ,bow ling ,the h ole c rawl g land
,posit ronics pas t yr ear ly rics gnattered
lugg age thro at a s hort i booster ,los
t in wee ds in frag rant dirt :yr squirrelly face

Sea t
b leach nor th ought a b rake f ace you
garg led apt the mere or m aster sum p
.c rushed my lun ch the sea t b read f
lat inside yr skiv vies like a pea r  .ch
ange an floating up a long the st reaking be
ach yr sc alp wit h was ps was writ hing (e)

Que ll
,chug ,sock ,shadow ,slab ,throat ,slug
,bench ,boot ,clap ,shut ,should ,shift
,hand ,heap ,hell ,wrist ,roof ,times
,rapt ,gun ,lose ,clunk ,back ,plunge
,rift ,tool ,place ,slab ,pool ,mute
,hung ,hum ,rock ,rinsed ,rat ,raft

Meta l
,boom pack ,piss roof ,bleed coil
,ten clots ,mass truncheon ,fall wallow
,belt sugar ,meat mist ,think dust
,pile sandwich ,bawl mule ,smelt cash
,drench focus ,bell glottis ,fist shade
,peel tongue ,gill whip ,melt rocker

Rim s
,fog shooter him ,grease spun clotter
,shank shitter howl ,dung smoke ladder
,bang corner rats ,mile stung folder
,use bench cluster ,mount sugar soldier
,wore mast clogs ,dream gut shaker
,fan mate doggerel ,bug lap shatter

F ucmow
strung him stock shutter stung rabbit
gas pile clung slab drift steak
half eat pillow coughing shift clouds
stray mildew storm feet guttered shot
spackle clock form stink muttered few
lock clustered drink glue spinner loop

Nuh c
,stun k ,mol t ,mou nt ,mis sed ,grea sed
c ashed ,drun k ,t old ,p lan ,s tinkpit ,c rusts
,yr c haw mold yr ,p our gas h wrest le
,grief of p late ,c up chun ker ,dub bed d oubt
,l onger than ,a rul e s kull a be am den
ted ,trip led ,me ated ,mort ared ,has hed ,tree D

P lung
she was ,it hoot ,sob crimp ,staple
lacked an tummy ached the r each lung e
an c louded  .sp are me p hone y our
c rap ,a s topper p lunge  .soaked an c
opped an pulled an  .c lout the lamster
salad b raying off the f all

S hooting
r at s tunner lob a nap a perch s hivered
in the glue you d rank ,a greasegun  .bog
,down ,s lab ,pull the fest ered f all an c rash
pull et  .cr own the shoo ting horn you c lank
,b leach of learning  .arf a “ham you said”

Wal k
spinner ,spat slot ,craved the stun tnurg
haw yr c hatter soaked why me why co
asting “true” lex dam per smo uldered w
hack a m ole  .klaw a tnals oh be am
was bestered ,sp oiled ,b lack wit’s edge
of time uh  .a sleep wit gn ats the wh arf’s end