Saturday, April 29, 2006

John M. Bennett

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ce lugnuts whining in the sun hash damply
moulded in the milk  .yr psoriasis memorial wall
yr blat ant temple dripping with a nail

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lung typist ,d rat tom e sliding gown the s
pill thunder ,sail my tow el b linked ,was h
your bee t spender  ?list the toe main he
ad knife spreader ,awful “comb” burr t
railing in the mist guts gut s napping napping

D oll
junk shutter ,tad somethink ,pile a tub
es run ting in the sun yr c rash c ash
s pore redicted  .p ale ‘n cor n ,yr ice
run t run g  .nine boils an aft ernoon
an enter hump you c ave or c rawl or c
rash a tender-sp lint  .spo tty like a doll

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yike yik e ,battered ,nozzle or ,p inch a
f loat same tube corneal detection lab a
spiel shoulder ,name yr cab le  .stong st
rung gut meet ,dap the close t why’d you
guzzle  ?napster foam  ?roof of wets the
gristle  ?too t sh rugging raw the ,bastards