Friday, March 17, 2006

Retorico Unentesi


The first principle in propaganda grave manufacturing your party fist grave your war our UNITED STATES (must you catch each eats it pooch?) or United States dexterous havens moral lawyer and to take command in making it marries That international Community must behaves - here you will arrest program nuclear of Iran. It considers That United States sleep in midst grave an occupation in Iraq in which it is committing crimes daily grave to war, That they follow his action grave aggression important gravy flows and seeps That is violatio letter grave. One little feeding this That ego ago tao would be declared international proscrive and would not be considered adequate guide to (in order to?) guide international Community in pursuit grave villainy. In fact, to contain proscrizione would be thought grave importance primary impudence primarily.

It anchors, United States shown have relative contempt your lawn norm grave law and your fall him legal proceedingss swarming grave in runup to (two?) war(s) on Iraq, when threat irachena his international UNITED STATES has manufactured crisis-Irachena one violation of international rules and one emergency that one bases is made to work excessive processes simply shoes ice to your grave and to your straight international. Beyond sthee insults, United States have dirty hands you (how much?) regard Treaty nuclear grave not proliferation That Iran presumed is violating: signer NPT eats, in United States engages rice to you: "you in order to pursue him negotiations in good faith on effective measures (you?), how much regards cessation of taste? grave nuclear arms and his dealt completes his general disarmament and under international rigorous and effective control."

Is not come youe contract grave (your?) this engagement, neir of promised note (not?) to threaten or not to use him nuclear crews against signers consented That you (two?) renounce (two?) nuclear crews cows grave development chew. It is "modernization" unims and "to modernize" him relative nuclear crews you graze (your) relieving grave more "practical your him." In theory, Iran or any (our?) party could sporgere complaint to IAEA That United States sleep in fracture releases of NPT, meat this does not happen in some spongy cows; him possible fractures That United States seeps measure you in order to pursue crows only can be assisted (your) in new (word) order of clean bone. He anchors, United States have dates crucial support in Israel, coupled in voluminous ethnic pulizia operation grave in violation grave straight international, with (are you?) superpower That client theyy brush bush?

That simply gives you part flow of decisions grave hand and grave young bone international sentence of cuts or wall grave cows wail segregation of Israel. United States helped have our or your dates tacit approval to fractures from NPT from Israel, form from India Pakistan and. In brief, relative dexterous moral to Iran challenge it is not-existing - it can only make trees in virtue grave feeding, dexterous grave corruption and of threats and because traditional means patriotic fake relative moral eats undiscussible dates.

retorico unentesi