Friday, March 17, 2006

John M. Bennett

Gat e
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bust d rank a bile yr falter sore yr b link
toon beas tly f arting c rack a bac k s mile
sorta s weaty was h anging inna rain you
meet trot sped a g ate my throwd up blew in
to yr stair way a conned gone thumping half

Fauce ts
b lock pus tool pit use the sock g lancer scol
dead like yr lank quid key moat blood y scree n
s nowed a blocker hum yr bit boo m hu mming in
yr an us was dinking faucet s all ways al waves
bree ding in the blind ed ro ads yr fee t ce ment
be low yr gut s an min dless sc oured an a th roat