Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thomas Lowe Taylor

At The Margin
Thomas Lowe Taylor
Rain stains the window in darkness pinging hard against the glass
while swirls of energy rail over the roof like sponges at dawn
claiming the night’s heirs from their own songs, the coastal dunes
reline these grassy knolls into their own eminent strains of being
shoreline distances between nothing and nothing else remain
strong along the tide’s lining of the hollow core of the margin’s
lane among trees on their sides and piles of vegetable ruin
where the open hours reside inside green and blue again.
I’d clung along these leftovers at the edge of this plain next to another
plane of gray against a gray which is not the same, but moving forward
among what’s been left by a continent straining toward completion
in hourly dimensions leaning left and forward in one motion..
You’d been the page itself whose words were grains of sand winding
among untitled monuments the wind whistling against your face,
stinging rows incite the sense of standing in the face of nothing
which is the nature of your sign and gesture along the arcade.
Outside, chaos un-tamed by what’s been the light source itself,
song, movement and time collide against the tides moving one on one
as unconverted remains strewn beside tire prints from big trucks
as the feet of angels trail beside the forward constancy of motion
impel thought in its similarities toward a recognition of air
and color specific in the charges laid against unknown
substances striking your face and hands like unwelcome dinners
set around the table with no one in mind and then abandoned.
You become me in this haven the elements deny themselves,
disorder remaining in its own destination from the center
blazing inside itself like a sign and outpost of the known
into location and faction torn from time and the space it has..
A series of accidents, a series of mistakes belittle your witness
what cascades across the margin’s opening in the darkness of the storm
and call you down into the origin of a safety you think surrounds
your partitions, called by the name you give doubt in its own term.

This wound betrays your stasis, walls moving in the sand beneath
your feet seem pulled down into the water, clams swimming
beneath your stains of sand, billowing inert forces penetrating light--
the door is open and calls you to enter into your own destiny.
This is the hour at hand, the blast from the black edge of the world
inhabits your own unknown hand, hesitant on these keys
at best believing you stand and hold what’s been ignored too long,
a sentinel at the peak of the house relives your building and song,
lets the dizzying spin of thought’s storm become a wandering tide
the loom and weft of open powers ride this hour in giving
anchor and palm their own distance rising throughout the wind’s hour
thrown among the rolling dreams which come against your thoughts;
a broad gust reams the window tight against its frame and juncture
in the night’s beating streams and shores flat and firm along the way,
scheming in between what’s known and what’s not and then dreamed away
too soon to leave and too late to cry a silent prayer into the graying sign

They drop a rubber ball through small net-covered hoops at either end
and flow back and forth with pure juice and determination unseen before,
holding themselves above the play of forms and sentences we call a book
nor left among other stars where the beaches erode and foam away at night.
A line grows in front and then out extends into the unwinding sea
a grid into unknown darkness filled with organisms and breaths
coming as they do from interior marks along the floor and ceiling,
 an incandescence creates a pathway into structure and form like memory.
You called me down from silence through unbroken layers of roots
between what is above and what lies beneath your heart’s feet
along a wash of light and time coming through the tide again
to mark the mind of your dream like blue and green and red mists.
This forgotten density of remove and stain neither clears the air
nor calms from beneath what cannot be removed nor claimed from
any other line along the sand inside your hand yet not recalled nor left
behind in the hurry to get from this precarious layer to a place of safety.
Night’s barrier the pinpoints in the sky through empty dark ceiling,
reliquary to air’s dominion in the discourse of the heavens and the line
along which no transparency folds or spasms into something new and fine.
Longer signs enfold and eclipse yet call you forward here at the margin.
Axe no dendrite plain and simple struts these after hours
intense emptiness of forgetfulness strikes you in the wind
swirling off the sand looking like fog that blinds your eyes
foam of the hour curling less remote than the distance ahead.
Fog no hopeful truth its own dominion present in your heart
another rope to the infinite which calls you forward again
leaning throughout your memory’s time like a trimming
or a loot on the plane of insignificance you call your own days
your own dishonor came too soon to be recognized for what it was
a silent edge on the mirror of forgiveness, your own face unrecognized
by the followers behind you crowding up into the figment of the mass
which is no other than your other breaking into a billion future scenes
or blood on the sands of the hallway, imperial magnificence a stolen bribe
and the raw meat of the sacrifice clings to the rug in the upper hallway
where the silent weepers hug the wall without sound or pity in their quiet
houses of the holy abandoned and then reground by the stones of time
at edge and screen, no specific moment stands out, yet the scene recalls
what it is in the name of silence a matter misting outward calls again
your colors red and blue and green an invention of sky’s mind
which flames and flutters its film among the plenty of the hours.