Tuesday, May 24, 2005

marilyn dammann

marilyn dammann, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

Dear Friends, Chers ami(e)s,

English message followed by French one:

Dear Mail artists,

I have the very painful news to tell all of you:
Marilyn Dammann (also known as Shadow in the network) died on Sunday
afternoon, May 22, 2005.

She had spread a message she'd retired from mail art activities.
The truth behind this message was that she was dying of a general cancer.
Only a few people knew this and kept this a secret like she wished.

She made a last trip with her children and grand children.
Her beautiful house and garden in the UP that I visited twice will become a
community arts gallery in her honor.

I'm very shocked and in deep mourning. The mail art network has lost one
its finest members. I've lost a very good friend.
Let's all remember her in thoughts and art.

Chers ami(e)s du reseau d'art postal,

C'est avec regret et chagrin que je vous annonce le deces de Marilyn
Dammann qui etait aussi connu sous le nom de SHADOW (Ombre).

Elle vient de mourir dimanche le 22 mai dans l'apres-midi.

Elle avait diffuse le message dans le reseau qu'elle prenait sa retraite
de l'art postal.
La verite derriere ce message etait qu'elle luttait contre un cancer
Seulement quelques personnes intimes le savaient en ont tenu le secret sur
sa condition sur sa propre demande.

On s'est telephone il y a quelques semaines pour dire nos adieux.

Elle a encore fait un voyage d'une semaine a travers l'Amerique ensemble
avec ses enfants et petits-enfants.
Sa maison et jardin au Michigan vont devenir une gallerie d'art
communautaire en son honneur.

Profondement attriste par sa mort j'invite les artistes du monde entier de
lui rendre hommage en pensees et par la creation artistique. Le reseau
d'art postal vient de perdre un de ses partisans le plus chere. Je viens de
perdre une de mes meilleures amies.

Marilyn, je t'embrasse tres fort la ou tu es, dans l'ombre de l'ombre.

Postal Greetings,

Guido Vermeulen

marilyn dammann

marilyn dammann, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

marilyn dammann

marilyn dammann, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

marilyn dammann

marilyn dammann, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

clemente padin

clemente padin, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

rita mcnamara

rita mcnamara, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

clemente padin

clemente padin, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

ruggero maggi

ruggero maggi, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

Monday, May 23, 2005

from pascal lenoir

from pascal lenoir, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

leftwich / cards

leftwich / cards, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

keiichi nakamura

keiichi nakamura, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


padin, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

rita mcnamara

rita mcnamara, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

pilcher / baron

pilcher / baron, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

barry edgar pilcher

barry edgar pilcher, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

pilcher / padin / the sticker dude


leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


cards, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

from pascal lenoir

from pascal lenoir, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

rita mcnamara

rita mcnamara, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


cards, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

something political project july 2004 - from rita macnamara

from pascal lenoir

from pascal lenoir, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


cards, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

scott helmes

scott helmes, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


baron, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

tim gaze

tim gaze, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

clemente padin

clemente padin, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

capatti / ficus / lovecraft

capatti / ficus / lovecraft, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

bennett / macleod

bennett / macleod, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

cards &

cards &, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.


thompson, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

Collaborative Poems - John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich

eye dry

eye tooth brush fire storm
dry pail beer stole loft

mail box wood chuck wagon
hall dumb slot pox booth

tear drop kick stand point
lush mood dick hobby name

whole some body slam dance
wish damn gland sucked wire

moth ball game fish eye
form draggin moist glance dry

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

umbrella mueble

umbrella void pueblo
airy groan battle

caption shuttle floss
fat tax mat

duffel cabin moat
which daze gravel

fluke mansion burlap
dim cable stream

passel hoax cuspid
fallen glister slop

Sibyl tusk hachure
tuber amble hop

angel hair suture
danger stair future

bugle amber cop
triple lust stature

hellbent blister crop
passing boats tusked

limbic navel bean
duke claxon dewlap

witch hazel gavel
ruffled nab bloat

cattle axle chat
traction buttress loss

fairy stone rattle
doubled toid mueble

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

heap flea

heap flood
bangs rat
gangs nudge
buy rum
sprat heel
calf sung
muy burn
blow bums
drums splat
sums gist
half rent
job spent
stung knob
slat earn
low mist
steel budge
hums hums
blood flea

John M. Bennett and Jim Leftwich 2003

raft her

raft her

er lap

mast merge

er slam

float her

er boat

ham her

mer ger

slap p er

er aft

John M. Bennett and Jim Leftwich 2003

roust bite

roust mice pat
mouse hail cur

veil roost caul
boat lip type

spur braid hoe
slap soil arse

coat leek suit
sat ball low

hip foam deuce
loot loose caught

ripe coast taut
pout last loop

map heist snout
lice boost paid

boil fluke laugh
seek dome toast

parse kite soup
slice puke bite

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

too sooth

too th ank le ad der mal t omb u r ash
itinerant edge now foraged sponge
s lug g age nt ity e nter min al location
versus nuance engaged preaching humble
f umble ach ing e ngorge nuine ver so
elocution germinal identity argent lug
p lung e for k ak know ledge ner ate nt
rash burn womb thermal rankle sooth

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

sla b lot

slat lab
bung cushion
moisture lacks
boop t rust
funder lust
rash unk
c rush issed
misted ust
munk ash
b lush udder
b rush oops
snacks cloister
usher ung
sla b lot

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

hat tits

hat bet clip dot cup
dome sites that cent sput

hot bat clutch dip cent
pill them butt pots shat

hut bite clock dent cat
hot slips spent late fucks

hem bomb clef date cite
set gat mites sob club

hill bud clamp duck comb
damp shelf stock bunched tits

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

Blot louis

blot hawk miser pumice
spot mode plumage slumber

code lumen malt kestrel
fault wail bistro message

rummage caul diesel clot
joke strode wastage wrist

lumber mail vestal mode
pale fall human chalk

salt pistol lodge Sumer
wiser halt weasel wastrel

flail vestige mote tumbler
nudge slope lumpy tumbles

minstrel lode bumper fault
fail malt rumbler glue

massage smoke mumbling tail
told spot messed louis

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

Kneel Noose

kneel boomer derrick fizz
peel dazzled haggle truth

frazzle keel hammer whirr
reeled loomer 'ary stammer

waggle roof piss hummer
list number spur whizz

is yer bummer this
missile boom leer issue?

clamor stares sooner wheeled
jeep spoon starry clatter

loose dangled passed feels
reef massive scanner noose

Jim Leftwich and John M. Bennett 2003

shed thief

stank shed the
haze paid slasher

rust stem mister
war-womb guts

borne half wallet
fillet calf storm

nuts tomb was
blistered phlegm crust

washer said craze
thief read bank

John M. Bennett and Jim Leftwich 2003

boot loot

boot camp fire dog soldier
silly kale lust moulders log

pot lucky charm school bus
pool tantra flyer jailed talks

cup cake walk mantra veil
ham choir damp fucking lake

nose ring tailed tiger lily
sing hose pup spots loot

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


kiosk plasma soak
task eos might

eros suite arras
pail lease geezer

quite abacus soup
dump collar marble

quail warble clover
flatulence meat asthma

pizza dollar jive
stroke paris loop

tweezer clump solvent
over hive bonnet

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

hub age

hubris bristle leaf after terror
steerage form air sheer leaves

bubble leap aperture reverb
apropos envidian clamor

ransom somatic Icarus usage
stewage tick chromatic flotsam

stammer meridian anthropos
verve lacklustre heap trouble

sleeve veer error orderly lyric
error slather seep gristle stewage

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

soot limping

sprayed ugh humping soot
stutter plaid crying mage

spore eye swallowed clanked
dumplings hallowed core shroud

could nor shallow slumping
banked callous thigh poor

page frying said sputter
moot crumpling rug-rays

frayed utter snore humping
jumping crisis loaded doors

wood sank cage soot
yellow eye sad hug

dumping dry palace floor
foot rage shanked crowd

shallow wallow played lug
limping score butter days

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

drying leaves

sent my stomach form drying
flings pensive saddles I crave

corn wind spent the shoulder gland
mottled dancers nub simple weave

heave sample stub canchre grotto
lambs moldering splint fin hordes

cave I straddled spent fingers
prying from tomato bent

sent singers' board blotto
hubbub leant rattled tomahawk

heave hand slave plying storm
norm sly shudder dimpled cancer

thigh colder dimple blank grin
thin pent bet lying knave stand

sent potato scum paddled flint
leaves motto words' cinders meant

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

span dorks

span pliant catfish marbles
can spoon lean in foam

croon foisted mophead poster
clot hopper gasped silent creep's

spleen cheaply cheesesteak sequel
moist defiant spat hop sleaze

spin client fisheye missiles
wishy past glue born dead

roan fastened masthead pastry
dry cake spread dish garbles

spot chopper shoehorn snorkel
mouldered leaks fissile taste dorks

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


flock damp prune jerk wrist
sperm dude clamped suck mine

clamp rune perk risk clock
lube camp clock wipe turn

tune perm ripe lock lamp
stamp sock lite stern boom

germ pipe mock ramp tube
dock list dirk prune lamp

pine muck tramp lube berm
mist shirt boon vamp knock

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


lint moss bard gum knee
bee lint floss hand bum

toss yard gun need flint
starred loss lint peed numb

card bun feed tint boss
shard dun speed glint floss

pun bleed glint cost shard
dint deed one pard gloss

greed hint lost hard nun
went coughed lard un screed

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


quart hump knife zone beet
fort lode dump pin wife

plump kite none beef quack
slump tone pail meat treed

kid note reef quip lump
chump lid night hump gun

mote reed quick jump skid
sick leaf kneed black boat

speed quail trump skin mode
sid crump coat slip kif

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


limp goat ease cut bake
damn hip notes peek gull

ghost grease cute flake pimp
fuel dame binge coast sleek

greek mute lake pint host
leek flute fake might toast

mule lame tint toast meek
most fleas toot sake dim

lamb tip oats sleek mull
simp moat peas butt cake

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

fox tusk

fox caliper musk
foul list waddles

collapse flutter mint
hustled modem spade

mote cudgel tacit
tapir's moist basket

flea mottled cuisine
resin glottal sneeze

musket foist caper
placid pudgy boat

braid totem rustle
lint mutter prolapse

dabble pistil ghoul
tusk fallopian box

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


Taliban jigsaw mustard
gizzard remorse sackbutt

halibut sawhorse blizzard
bluster inlaw Caliban

mackerel snowshoe hustle
duffle minder flibberty

liberty sideshow shuffle
fussy shoyu spackled

speckled shinto hussy
suckles flinders leathery

feathery cinder buckles
fussy pinto inspection

calabash lawn gnome custard
fizzing endorphin slacker

crackpot introrse lizard
sputtered phone yawn crashed

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

Moon sadder

moon drizzle ladder
muddled fatter dream

spittle feed simmer
pudded sitter spoon

sudden copper boot
pizzle speed stopper

spleen shuttle wizard
butter's moot pollen

cattle hoot thinner
feets spinner lizard

puddle sullen beets
loot shimmer sadder

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

hulk spoon

bulk moxie tarp flint
fatter joke doom bit

flop mill saunter bun
slob mound cob spittle

bridle mob bound daub
shun flaunter pill hop

dip fume dote splatter
skinned carp pox hulk

spoon cub mate show
but plaque screw school

gak float snub shoot
mud sum score hawk

gawk spore gum flood
hoot rub bloat flak

rule hue splat foot
row faint nub soon

Jim Leftwich and John M. Bennett 2003

Yelp melts

yelp bittern hootch crapper tuft
huffed slapper bush spittle helps

crepe spittoon broach natty deuce
loose natter roach balloon shakes

jet critter soot waffle burp
slurp half foot bitter yet

mere whistle froth bastard yurt
spurt hazard moth listen mirror

terror glisten sloth frazzle curt
shirt dazzled cough listen error

sweat spitter snoot calf lurker
shirker half boot spitter slept

shaves ballast poach smattering noose
goose chattering coach phallus waves

pelts brittle hush dapper snuffed
tough snapper lush dribble melts

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

fiddle glands

fiddle aloof fools differ
licks pail pal lettuce

dollar allot loaf ladder
wallet lads lip dollop

apple eclipse lapse pallet
flatter lobe lop collar

lattice italics tail ticks
swifter pools pull piddle

clangs tongue thumb bags
strumming ants lamp budding

foam rib rots form
blank clast caboose

came loose last crank
from riots rob loam

thudding damp pants humming
lags numb tongue glands

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


fresco drapery
shape less

pinball hooligan
stool thins

pink mayonnaise
blazing sink


fresh code red penny
any fed hole pressed

lap ban leg hunan
loomed egg sand hat

nip canyon aisle
file anal ship

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

Sung dwell

sung bit smell
throng said well

thong light spread
slight bite slung

said might song
slung slit might

well lit lung
swell read song

well said thong
smell blight stung

sung bit light
read slight throng

might lit lung
strong flight paid

song spread smell
lung slit dwell

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003


reengineer hat
hat finshingear
cellophane slow
toe jellopane
persimmon dish
fish permission
porcupine cut
but Proserpine
slathering bone
stone blithering
blinksmanship cat
sat blanksmanship

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


croissant fuel lip duck
fuel coil duck rancid
boil jewel tossing jewel
jewel tossing jewel boil
rancid duck coil fuel
duck lip fuel croissant

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


angular sander
eagle tubular
igloo menthol
into scrumptuous
beagle fulfill
dangler bumper
runt presumptuous
under plunder
sumptuous dump
punter flagger
until seagull
bumptious shinto
lean-to glue
jugular legal
bangle handler

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

hopping hopping hopping hopping

hopping rooster knocking
rang spunk hangs
hoof bunny poof
nates negates plate
runny spoof honey
bunk bang sunk
roster shopping mobster
dropping knickers booster
clang hinge punk
moof pool sunny
rebates paste relates
hummy money proof
chump funk gangs
looser monster moping

hopping rooster knocking
rang spunk hangs
hoof bunny poof
nates negates plate
runny spoof honey
bunk bang sunk
roster shopping mobster
dropping monster moping
clang funk gangs
moof money proof
rebates paste relates
hummy pool sunny
chump hinge punk
looser knickers booster

hopping rooster knocking
rang spunk hangs
hoof bunny poof
nates negates plate
runny spoof honey
bunk bang sunk
roster shopping mobster
dropping booster hopping
clang punk rang
moof sunny hoof
rebates relates nates
hummy proof runny
chump fang bunk
looser shopping roster

hopping newster clocking
bang bunk slang
loofa money sooth
slakes rebates cape
gummy goof sonny
hunk gang lunk
bopster dropping knobster
dropping booster hopping
clang punk rang
moof sunny hoof
rebates relates nates
hummy proof runny
chump fang bunk
looser shopping roster

John M. Hophead Bennett & Jim Headhop Leftwich 2003


Sunday, May 22, 2005

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

jim leftwich

jim leftwich, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 4

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 4, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 3

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 3, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 2

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 2, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 1

Ralph Eaton Text Drawing 1, originally uploaded by jim leftwich.

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich ACTS 134 - 166


boldface phonetics actinomiter: “pisces lubricant plaza.”

baste known course: “curved frontal wrangler.”

next gentle breeze: “perpetual jacket plum.”

major scale clinker: “pustule attentive faucet.”

dolorous climax ingratiatingly: “squeak pie blister.”

insanity gas exigency: “electoral luggage sleeve.”

finger man writ: “catapult leakage swamp.”

hardscrabble wryneck mammon: “equate meadow libation.”

ufology graveyard wageworker: “street nudge trickster.”

job printing dipsomania: “renunciation novelty hormone.”

reading shack opus: “hurricane praxis subsystem.”

tea service sphinter: “cannery amphetamine furtive.”


monokini lobar slur: “if so what?”

dear john burundi: “as such sucks.”

swearword troth wangle: “in it then?”

second childhood strophe: “was as is.”

purist tummy warehouse: “light upper pan!”

fairyland peashooter lather: “among what theme.”

sluice upturned texture: “some of this.”

sweepstakes bombardment etymon: “visible and salad.”

hiatus truncated exhale: “blade as neck.”

compound of limits: “rain toast gobbler.”

be a sea: “bulldozer dilation metronome.”

dirt poor bubbler: “bush root habit.”


happy remembering earth: “minor terse worth.”

leggings twofold patter: “triad dough trolley.”

depress blessing minutes: “gorge riven autumn.”

members only introvert: “click drain purse.”

flee collar daughter: “bondage beuys ash.”

market flattens patriot: “tern wry joint.”

provincial internecine saunters: “lonely hollow kittens.”

french fry driver: “seek blended ants.”

nonentity viewpoint forge: “entire wrench proverb.”

anatomy beyond person: “kite fleece embers.”

ends habeus brainchild: “pressed eggs harp.”

seeking a flicking: “members fowl lesson.”


cogent wanderlust cubbyhole: “fettered pensive crickets.”

velvet gloove boondoggle: “posthumous trope flayer.”

holy mastercard condom: “motivated signage nozzle.”

random mouse flagon: “lewd volga castanet.”

behavioral sciences dithyramb: “lyre volvo nuggets.”

chinese puzzle credentials: “nestled vehement dormouse.”

confab apostasy boullion: “berm beans flack.”

beauty spot philter: “sonic brogue fount.”

tabernacle splayfoot pudendum: “pallid phylactery osmosis.”

counterfoil waterfall urinalysis: “dendritic silt battalion.”

imbroglio upwind chippendale: “deductive rambo agonistes.”

season ticket wallpaper: “doctrinal goonsquad holistics.”


dirty book conducive: “east main street?”

nowise demimonde nubbin: “events performance extant.”

pendulous quorum rack: “kitchen check surveillance.”

sandpiper staying power: “bo peep text?”

wellspring waif tuna: “logoclastic meathook ballet.”

dryand witticism impasse: “his holiness revolver.”

vaunt beau salt: “revolutionary severance pay.”

goethe coloring book: “disambiguated peak shaman.”

opthalmic colostrum lambert: “ciborium supplement remix.”

second sheet secretary: “brazilian phoenix prevention.”

spat aureole decentralization: “diagnostic siberian extract.”

blackout postlude secretion: “awaits exaggerated reference.”


hocuspocus epicardium decrees: “interstate jewelry acreage.”

backbrain bibliography jettison: “artistic lottery impostors.”

landlubber ipecac minelayer: “logical warmth performance.”

mystic gimcracks swaggerer: “briefcase remotely eyestrain.”

primrose path miscellany: “crake gylanic deloped.”

iridescent brainwash handjob: “sapphire consecutive sponge.”

venerable muzzleloader mythologist: “pharmacy uneven chefs.”

cerebellum concentration camp: “financial yoga entree.”

octopus hamstring odometer: “marbleized cellular splendor.”

purse strings manpower: “daily disjunction planner.”

exterminator dumbwaiter deadmarch: “vinyl bug shampoo.”

auspicious carnival blench: “cradles classical prescriptions.”


caucussed bull annex: “exterior aesthetics solutions.”

minutiae nepotism serenade: “remodeled booster design.”

muttonhead sterling thrombus: “authority per body.”

fricative jackass ephemeris: “ponderosa conjunction account.”

preemptory circa kibosh: “independently buffet gutters.”

inertia knowingly snowballs: “adult landscape catering.”

verbal chipped beef: “homeland banana cabal.”

underwater vocalization moxie: “irregular generations catalog.”

punitive werewolf jockstrap: “chinese rapidity academy.”

general delivery inkwell: “expanded ordinary disappear.”

pucker loft gravel: “eloquent authenticity coupon.”

fiat cling biff: “lebanese salmon heirloom.”


repudiates buttocks memo: “cooperative refund projection.”

whoring verse damocles: “destitute disasters network.”

empyrean cadge bloviate: “fundamentalist creditors regime.”

dotty bombsight cusp: “processed sanctions notebook.”

pinnacle wrought diddle: “aghast front funker.”

ripospe tailwind venom: “credo compulsions decay.”

war chest thalamus: “homeland semiotics militia.”

still life ism: “ideological literacy council.”

toothsome decomposes chuckhole: “oryx barracks warranty.”

counterpoint raceway willies: “posthole laminated bicuspid.”

cached adjacent bywords: “chestnut badgering entropy.”

friction clutch colon: “pineapple draconian hoarfrost.”


carrier wave middleman: “crepuscle cordial spellbound.”

shotgun wedding volley: “stowaway fractal denizen.”

synonyms brutality chauffer: “secession pillaged bristle.”

emollient dieresis cartoon: “tuxedo infraction befuddled.”

fee simple sternum: “standard deviation conspiracy.”

delirium fellowship oratorical: “wavicle padding mortality.”

tumbrel utopia virtuoso: “signs fairly compost.”

slaphappy wellspring protract: “meltdown lateral phantoms.”

salad days skulduddery: “breccia penumbral leniency.”

split decision accords: “pneumatic gunwale carrion.”

connotative tillers screep: “deictic stalagmite baleen.”

air castle rendezvous: “tapioca torus imperil.”

designedly cutaway dactyls: “experiential buffer alloy.”


familiar word complaints: “trade regulation restructuring.”

drill to snakelike: “liberalization eroded disproportionately.”

comatose by cats: “remarkably deeply disbandonment.”

ground deportment brass: “metaphor antarctic military.”

embargo magic appelations: “oil policy sensors.”

napkin ring narrative: “market satellites unbiased.”

scatology prithee shuffleboard: “laser interface protest.”

stumbling block tidings: “internet attendees rural.”

wonder drug elaboration: “broadcasts plaza techno.”

thunderclap a bed: “mobs appropriation consensual.”

artisan howitzer semifinal: “simulations data norm.”

weasel words beguine: “images mathematical chaos.”


world series lassitude: “graphing paradigms medicine.”

latent heat eruption: “biology applied trajectory.”

irresolute last sleep: “cultural missile behaviors.”

minced words demographic: “mapping numerical players.”

flux attrition douche: “representations practically situations.”

scrap hyssop these: “surface therefore dimensions.”

oneself as posters: “omit traditional criticisms.”

spoken three undersea: “ethnicities texts quantified.”

universal as deathless: “domain community manipulation.”

verbal noun jobber: “matrix congruent research.”

daily double chickadee: “reconstructs metamedia navigable.”

all fours enforcement: “procedure historical layout.”


break amends paroxytones: “language betrays techniques.”

scrimmage parenthesis tray: “phenomenon expressive engine.”

asteroid massage bake: “formats virtual content.”

gettysburg for changes: “simulated word operations.”

species in roman: “interactively syntactical dynamic.”

acronym after skyjack: “granularity segment descriptions.”

poetic lexicography aeronautics: “seemingly accidental remixing.”

asemic sergeant feather: “razor potential architecture.”

biographical mercury parallels: “submerged cultural aliases.”

coupling alumnus urdu: “postmodern erratic perspective.”

bovine without atmosphere: “sculptural attention vibrations.”

transcription before slackening: “information corporate connections.”


pylon make sinew: “systematic materials extrapolation.”

ghetto known electron: “disciplines conceptual strategy.”

conscience braze neuter: “constantly precedents automata.”

international harpsichord extra: “work itself training.”

printers devil weathercock: “driven location exploits.”

breaststroke dandelion forcepts: “emergent complexity project.”

multipilicity periscope thinner: “portals accessible corpus.”

gas chamber scads: “abstract history computations.”

blue blood montage: “critical environments category.”

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