Thursday, May 19, 2005

Collaborative Poems - John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich

t oll t rum pet

t oi l am p ink
s li t ir t hing

s win g lan d ate
m oo n a p or n

b roo d af t one
d in g lanc e viscerate

c li p or t rim
b oi l an k ink

p ee l um p en
b raw lil y ou ng

s por e ntr y ap
b us t rea d amp

f uz z e d ump
s c or e mpt y awp

c la w al l ung
fee t rum pet

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

ju t d ri p e a

ju t roug h arbo r use
ti p ung e glotto l aid

hatc h ar m adde r ant
di m irro r ulin g ust

c lim b ea r oilin g host
natc h a m aste r asp

sli p inc h otte r aid
pu t run k orbe l oose

bea n ip s an d ump
plan t s cru m ove r ue

pa w anke r abbi t oilet
c rea m an x ylo p hone

phe w alle t an k reme
oil in g am bi t am p e r aw

to o ve r um p ants
bum p anne d ri p e a

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

h ack

h ai r ib bon net
e las t ick le
r e bb el l ion
st ar e n ton b et
al as tic k ey
ru b al l iar
cl av e b t ore
rou gent ire rupt
pee l as s hore
kn ee l attic ei chor
goug e nte r ump
la vat ic tory
l ai ro bin oose gue
sob ber ry e t ricky
el apse junct r ash
sel l mp s unk raps
rob el fry e w his key
fria r ocki n ew s inker
c he w hum p anze r at
s mok ettle mon at al oot
s mil e phrasti c los et ranger
bil egg ast ric or set angler
smo te moi n ate s pew
f lew d rum aster ack

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


cil tense bell din quill dense dent
miss ped passed sod blist shed shad
pled ham blade dome fled cram crome
ble dad clam lead splay said side
ork sock ford hack torque sock sack
fin gore bean fire kin door dorm
wat lore what tire fat nor norm
buck stuck stork pork shuck suck sick
stor hat lyre slut roar that thot
tor bin gyre mean snore pin pine
mock fork sack toward dock short shirt
gad clay dead slam plaid bay bray
cam bled home fade jam dread dried
xed pissed pod gassed cred piss pass
ense bill tin shell fence shill sill

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


crow sot glob port hoe cot cote
nak lard hock fart quack bar barn
ject pit pocked hot fleck shit shot
bove haze shave nose rove haze hose
ling peck dung jack wing deck dreck
rown did groan pud loan kid kine
mus mist last ghost bust list lost
bris lust most cast twist crust crud
cid grown dud roam quid gnome name
nek ding pack sung wreck thing thong
gaz shove hose wave maize clove cleave
stit pecked pot clocked flit beck back
char hack lark dock tar sack sap
bot glow sort slob clot snow sow

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

nung saunter

nung flauter could of
scrunched flap wrong brackish
shaped flatter sprang mope
new your flutter grist
king dung mates my
eye baits sung wing
mist clutter nor you
soap clang ladder caped
breakage song map punch
glove should daughter !Kung

sung munched scrape phew
would tong clang mutter
ring pie wurst hope
fates hung nor bladder
aching shove stung lunch
clap dauntless hood kong
plate few drink why
bang shutter tongue wrung
pissed grope slack dove
our clatter flip saunter

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

roster zap

roster nap mighty flavor
smothers rants bung noodling
sank the brought knocks
foul dog airborne
bing cub club moat
goat lube cube ming
born a frog scowl
clocks wrought the bank
nodding lung trance smoulders
favor nightly lap fosters

posture shoulders sank owl
miter gung bought cog
ding boat elbowed socks
tub tube hog thief
poodled waver monster slathers
traipse lapis niger lunge
rank towel cling smote
rouge aft lab crib
torn hocks slobbing liver
clog theme slants zap

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003


is po nd e pose ep och ain ozzle
axs se ep ic tor us ink remlin
eal com pos teri or nates ox ymore pose
po rit ual ways haul oot iose palous
cort at tack hack rid dance pillo w
ok eis hade s pies purt eem bolo am
n sm gu mbo son dine on da da
gun sm ut ter mist or que rer mine
ei soke el alamein dex caliber tad vise
tat cor ner vous ual kaline stanque ue
it por tend ril lage nd er gone stle
co meal worm ark ane pen the me squite
s sea x tent wine ist irl ocute quila
po is tmo use nter rat a ffect omy

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003


caw stammer ladder crumb
cocks blister law hung
blend booth blaster stump
speaks lout weather hand
sand whether clout leaks
trump bluster sooth bend
dung paw mister clocks
numb adder hammer maw

caw blister blaster hand
leak sooth paw numb
crumb law booth speaks
sand blaster mister maw
maw booth sooth caw
sand law paw hand
leak law mister caw
numb booth blaster maw

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

f er

f linger puzz le
t ort s weet
g asp t one
g roan fi g
fl ounder le g
gu zzle zin ger
b um m eat
r asp so under
boo m s nort
r ug moo n
r oom g un
s ort mob s
poun der cl asp
be at be am
rin ger m uzzle
lean er f log
p hone egg g
s tone p ast
f eet mor t
nu zzle fing er

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

loop site

loop leap lip stop tip
poof peat pith hop hip
foot feat fight cop clip
tool teat tilt bob blip
loon leak lick pop pipe
noon neat knit sock slick
spoof speed spiff lock like
food feed fade shock ship
ooze ease eyes cock click
root read rite knock nick
spoon peed sprig hock hike
cook cede snide dock dike
moon mead mud meds miffs
door deed dried glop gripe
goof ghee gift bock bipolar
hook heed hid slop slippery
zoot zeal zit mock mitochondria
wood weal wide knot it
book beet bite sot site

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

sea sluice

sea show was balled ale
heart shape wait called lull
lean shaft waif falls failed
bear shit white malls mulls
wean shovel woven mauls vault
feat shank weal stalls salt
team shudder wheat saws thought
clear shade weird clause paws
reap should would laws laud
zeal shoulder wheeze walled zaum
near shawl wail palled pallid
yearn schlub weary hawse hoarse
deaf ship whist galls gales
mead shoal weeds small snail
gear shan't want aws wasp
eat shock wok bawls raw
please sheet weave scrawls scrap
veal shirt word gnaws gnarled
knead shunt went slaws sluice

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

pair blessing

pair mold pole pump lump
vain moon main mattress lattice
nail mood mail moper soap
haiku model hotel hump stumps
fair mom from frantic mantis
maim mope paean plucked mollusk
jail mobile job jerk cob
laid mop lope laundry jaundiced
wait mote wrote rats matches
dairy mottle dotted dump trumps
aim motor maid mostly motley
said molecule school scrap script
bait mojo boson boom boxers
gain moebius grist grunt risky
raisin mount mansion muttered sutures
cairn mob cobbler cost bluster
taint moss tossed table blessing

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

g naws sun

g naw s lab you clunking
ame thy st strobe alche my
m ade an hopping b urner
jade cougar spared tongues
c lungs par id sugar p age
sp urn ed s hop ping me dean
ah my stroked camera !
sun king lab yrinth thaws

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

m uds d unk

m uds b link cuds c ods
r hum ba tool b um bo oms
p hone fanner s tone s tuns
k eys d rake pee s poke
so up r oof loo p lump
p as t t rusty t ask t usk
s cold slurf m old mu les
numb c ape g lum g loom
n ape c omb tap e t rope
c ur ved so uls s werved s words
rusty wasp crus ty cros s ties
ro ute so oth boo t so uth
snake id s hake s hocks
ban ner c lone yam mer clam or
s pool crumbs d rool due l
sl ink buds d ink d unk

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

just said

jut bats
coin pent
soot blinks
bake oats
sped mule

daubs clan
coat fumes
hatch knots
seams cinch
paid seals

hut join
boot fake
dead fool
boat sinks
bent hats

peels inch
clots groan
pan lobs
smote batch
dreams said

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


r it
b lo
on u

si t
s er

b op
l a p
ki t

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

ear wiggle

s matter
cus p
san k
er wigg
c locking

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

hatch fat

h ca th at her
at r ut ter se
ch cus sac but tock
ide f it s tusk
s lap pit lif lip
lip s ip ap sic
an pi pa ik op
t t if tip riff
i ide us ta ste
car sc ut ack bum
us rat or tu tor
t ch at the fat

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

bed dub

b e d b ulb
rat lot lute lip rot
io ub toy bub jolt
n s s luice coup
on pray iron day yer
an eel one eel ung
tic ir kite tire ite
k ch th huh uh
id kit ire site fire
eal on feel bun kneel
way ion ray buyer hey
s s noose soup goose
ob oi rub joy hub
let lat lit butte lope
e b b d ub

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

pudenda kyrie

pu rr ut tar go at tar p
de al do rub by ye ti p
nd th ton net og le gba t
a te arp pet it e ach e
ir let fur till ag ut orn ot
)le ap tor rip or k um quat
af (ter pi rat ik hor roid iom
lat err tell for tu i d eal
ta ra et tarp on ut term inal
ch nt het tone ky eg gy re
ill ed lab dot me be an droid
yr up rar gut ah gu nk yrie

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

ah xas

ah an ecatl ang le ech olalia s
ea on got an hydrous lack attack le
d ung loud uel igate aster mite ar
ark de bark ed ify rue sorghum mer
ras id inch int orn tighter minate eth
h low runt or phallos ity pist ol
ole leo loan olio largeness genetic ysaur icle
flo g er punt ilious halos ter ror
od ash ent conch tater urn est eem
ed ark ad irk shrub ber ber brrr
ing c uent soud ester ogate mic turate
in er pond rot alak haos sify ang
in eh slang atlatl eche el levate xas

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

scum trout

sc um ud der mal let ter
rab bit one ther mal t ese
na tes ank loid ent rain eck
ro of lank rylon ylon ger bil
cl ung ull ter se xulent ears
bl ink ore nt urn est omb
st utter est ammer uin door ib
ra nk ant icks acks lack isses
bon k itty ping rab ces core
floo d ung vent ab out rout

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

spin serif

s,pin utt,y a,mmer ,ant er,ior un,t
r,uckus aw,yer u,tilant erm, in,e ed,le
r,unt abb,y a,w ar,t ar,get run,k
s,lab utter,y a,onomamo us,e st,er sat,z
m,ister ock,y e,ll ow, ne,r vou,sly
p,ork ei,ster p,entine the,r and,om e,let,te
m,eter ab,id i,olect ,act i,rate r,rap,in
g,rabs unn,y a,nk eros,ine p,t or,t,oise
h,awk u, n,der ,oar den,t ar,paul,in
c,lutter in,se a,nce ,ruse bul,ous er,if

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

cr mb

cr ue de um car pet ranger m
ux al bum in do me at tic
go go nad or dnance y ak
dz an vil ledge no me ollo x
il ic ar us tler attle gba g
la do nut ome at us ted it
ne no se pial pine pal ms
ma no pe nial bat ross uary urt
to no me tor por ave in
de no te mate mit ad ud
an no de tore morse guir uin
kh ak line thur sat z apato mb

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

clasp tell

clasp pilot leech fulcrum arch
asp clip home soaked filtch

drip sloped ballot anvil scum
palace noped milo beach pallet

loam ballast murk swivel root
lurked facile tudor drivel angle

cloaked silt agile stupor blight
doldrum darks dumb foot light

cancel loopings trudge sleet drone
cancers heel crash lore bowling

peel slug mast rash heavy
slump plug drooping sludge masked

cash hump spelling bush tray
swelling cowl napping bells hush

floor bole cow napkin hell
mashed fleet prone gravy pray tell

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

pouch bugs

pouch harp shrapnel litmus goat
boot joist pain boasted gulp

whisk salve bauble catkin sleet
glub sorta leech mumbling bread

said stumbling breech aorta
feet napkin wobble valve list

pulp coastal vein's moist suit
moat isthmus grapple sharp slouch

jug snap neckless mud wash
pours empty hasp peril crust

hash laser blunt tube mist
blazing colt dummy pent scarred

scald tent scummy bolt raisin
grist lube stunt eraser slash

trust pool rasp tempting sore
ash crud reckless flap bugs

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

mop dope

mop church hope
bun flirt grunt
run flack spoon
rut hunt hurt
sore or more
bunt hut hint
rack spun flock
mert gun flute
lurch hop chirps
search dirt sack
hunt spore gut
sun stun slop
lurch spurt back
runt bore sput
dung lung spot
slurps boot hock
mint score burnt
loom bunt dope

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

nugget rash

nugget trash hoof moose
juice udder ledge double
said slaw plenty shatter
joist groom dead slugger
boon rubber sieve fudge
hash claw lover door
moist your read wobble
bread sleeve minty poot
cobble spread sour hoist
snuggly spray comb moist
nudge grieve robber bone
trouble dodge water loose
shudder linty law splayed
moot bent seethe red
loose roof cash luggage
hour slobber flaw rash

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

tooth moan

toothpick nuzzle slammed phone
scissors drizzle placed hand
lamppost frazzle slaked talk
bamboo swizzle stopped fuck
potluck nozzle cram stool
cakewalk sizzle damp breast
waistband dazzle piss floors
hambone fizzle loose dick
dick bone seep stick sore
floor waste leap least pool
beast cake sleek suck caulk
tool pot peat band loam
fuck ham meat booth tryst
stalk lamp beet clamp clam
hand cyst sheet lot slake
phone tooth feet baste groan
roan sleep rock boom peel
paste tick sock bond suit
fleet score cock flee site
lake lear mock bawl sleet
slot yeast dock cluck damn
heat wool pock peek sand
lamb seek bock gruel leaf
clam duck tock tease sot
beat caul lock beer flake
tripe pea hock store deep
boot wand jock schtick case
meal loom nock reap moan

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

stir whirr

stir fur peel gone
dirt herd smell plums
bird whirl whelp dumb

bunt scum pod nape
funk slurp fold back
sun lurch cod slap

ham leech name bream
lamp beans damp greens
same peach damn screech

odd map stun birch
mode sack sunk shirt
nod ache lunk lung

elk thumb turd girl
swell bums spurt word
eel bomb cur whirr

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

coach mute

coach bait suite
flute name bite

slate bout kite
sweet lake mouth

sock glue claim
new slime coat

loaf twine glut
pock fate roach

lute flame site
coach pole mouth

sheet wake south
bite name flake

newt lime coal
time rate cock

dock gate broach
suit treat mute

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

coaster posit

coaster oboe seedling
s lack do or err or t ingles

fling gazebo ersatz
b ring f leas re laxed

backhoe terror ingle
g host er low er pee ing

packed mud closet
boa t u g rain

cringed hoe shoe
ring e d o e sh ore

boast lug drain
crack e d u d po sit

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

c lan blam er

c lan king sug ar bit ration clam or
lo am blot ter mote hr monal lagoon

s aid s at mos peer age nt nt nt
b omb er goat ha ir al bino to b oil

c limb er got cha ir al bano tic ial
r od r at mor ph r age ant nit knt

fo am bit ter mite rminal location
b lan k ong rug ar got raccoon blam er

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

the itsy-bitsy nitty-gritty

hu ff itty
f aint adage
log arrears
o re arrog
t ag e tint
n tit y bitty

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

cat heaves

cat heaves
cot slather
hot soon
pot lobber
pet shore
yet stubble
yeti hymn

cat heaves
hat tumba
hate limbic
date snore
data lake

cat heaves
bat hum
bet scatter
beat rub
eat shoulder
at lobe
ate must
mate neck
mat hull

cat heaves
cut slug
but maid
bit knob
bite blank
mite hole
mote thrummer
dote sang
dot band
cot slathered
cat heaves

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

Resm sogas

resm danl muck seems
moon lunch song dug

egdon keryd gape stuffy
duck leans huffy pissing

wessd sunau sort missing
dong loose port ape

soges bevch goose soon
seem more dumb shattered

sebe koer tong much
curds loom kvetch sores

feg lesene chatter along
less'n kegs jism pans

monor zote thumb plug
clones leg said sogas

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

From screw

from weight blinn you
stun curtain sea peel

certain times tige neither
looms fettered pills rally

she towers zale lulls
tattered issue wrestle swerves

deal cable cerst combat
listed bomb tables glower

room commom makse reminder
grime's late bin side

letters twisted orgend gone
pale wurst inflates organ

filled nerves pulis enough
dulls zek absorbed revealing

alley vessels prek nothing
something luffs song binder

shattering tissues worb repeating
habit pills either screw

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

swum roof

swum ash
dogs bugs

scissors whoosh
fever pinch

wash meds
beds crash

bench sever
pooch mirrors

slugs logs
cash worm

spoof roof

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

trim cornet

trim the sluk shled
soup mutters hornet fed

sooper bumbs trice battered
aorta slick bumper

matter sumper tred lacrost
mistress candor sallow

bornet business swed michalik
shed rice trends weed locker

sped my spander loko
squint fettered lachrymose mallet

sporta shallow kum squat
rims copper hatter cornet

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003